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This site remains up for archival reasons only. The software below is no longer supported.


The current version of SysReset is 2.55.

The current recommended version of mIRC is the current version.
A installer is no longer avaliable. The script files can be downloaded here: sysreset255.rar (291KB - md5:78c78edbb405a1529e89ac82b53a8720)
You will need to install over a pre-existing mIRC installion. It's recommended to backup the mIRC directory before installion. Please be aware a preconfigured mIRC.ini file is included with the archive and will reset your settings.

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Script History

SysReset was originally started in 1996, based loosely off of Hawkee 2.0, another file server.  Improvements continued in chunks over the years until the year 2000 when the bulk of updates took place. Updates have continued on the script as demand was needed, causing the script to jump up to over 3000 lines for the core script in 2001.

Towards the end of 2002, the Sysreset channel was moved from to Aniverse, following a large scale attack on Dal.Net's servers and routers. The final event that prompted the move was this message, as being reported by Dal.Net's own DNS (directory name servers): "Name: / Name: / Address: / Aliases:,"

As of 2009 development has ceased.
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Version Information

-Added 'Add Server to Autojoin?' dialog if the network does not exist when attempting to add a channel.
-Added RDCC support.
-Added xdcc list responce
-Change the System Startup messages to be more condense.
-Fixed AutoJoin not correctly joining when two or more networks connected at the same time.
-Fixed connection timeout on large directories
-Fixed dir/ls to return directories faster
-Fixed directories in FireWall mode appearing out of order
-Fixed 'ls' output being largely unreadable.
-Fixed Queue System
-Fixed random "sends per user" error messages appearing in the status window.
-Fixed the AutoJoin manager to use multichannel joins (/join #chan1, #chan2, #chan3)
-Fixed the server autojoin to correctly support servers with specific ports. ie:
-Fixed 'unload' error messages when unloading an addon.
-Fixed Verbosity descriptions and adjusted some output accordingly.
-Removed the common ad message for all standard file server triggers. The ad must be entered on a per trigger basis.
-Removed the 'global ad' from normal File Server triggers. Each trigger can now have it's own message.
2.53 (09/16/03)
-Fixed clicking 'Add' in the Autojoin manager clearing the entire channel or server lists.
-Fixed underline bleeding on o/vnotices when one color was set as Default.
2.53 (08/21/03)
-Fixed the XDCC 'Small Ad' option not actually showing the small ad.
-Fixed the Winamp Scanner sometimes causing mIRC to crash while playing Shoutcast streams.
2.53 (08/06/03)
-Added new networks to the NickServ manager (,,
-Fixed NickServ Manager 'Error Changing Nickname' problem when registering.
-Fixed services other then NickServ having their output blocked accidentally (ie: chanserv on Aniverse)
-Fixed the title generator to allow changing of its tokens.
-Fixed the Updater addon to handle windows text file formats (CRLF)
-Fixed XDCC showing the wrong options for certain modes.
2.53 (04/24/03)
-Fixed channels with similar names being ignored (ie: #channel and #channeltwo)
-Fixed MaxCPS per send not correctly binding the max CPS to the send.
-Fixed some of the titlebar display code.
-Fixed the AutoVoice manager not voicing XDCC Ads when enabled.
-Fixed the File Server Tracker not tracking very small SysReset ads correctly.
-Fixed the Queue List not updating when clearing users queues in the File Server Manager.
-Fixed the Server Timer addon losing day information when settings were changed.
-Fixed Triggers to now DEFAULT to /ctcp, you'll have to turn it off instead of on now.
-Fixed XDCC Ads not always showing the correct nickname on multiple networks.
-Fixed XDCC Ads responding to XDCC LIST with the full filelist in file server simulation mode.
2.53 (02/28/03)
-Fixed filename processing to be more specific.
2.53 (02/27/03)
-Fixed the size of the nickname list in the nickserv manager to display longer names.
2.53 (02/25/03)
-Added better file listing to the addon manager in both Loaded and Unloaded modes.
2.53 (02/20/03)
-Added "Trigger has full queues" message if "Display Full Queues" option is turned off.
-Added automatic removal of a network from the nickserv redirects if it is redirected to itself.
-Added Day options to the Timed Server Events Addon.
-Added ignore option to the nickserv rules file.
-Fixed Aniverse chanserv password ok being handled by the nickserv manager.
-Fixed Autojoin not working not networks with no nickserv if "Wait for Nickserv Identify" was on.
-Fixed nickserv manager not always reidentifying on server reconnections.
2.53 (02/08/03)
-Added Ctrl+F8 function to force a half-op notice, even if the user is a full-op. F8 still auto.
2.53 (01/30/03)
-Added an Enabled option to the Greeting Manager.
2.53 (01/24/03)
-Added support for XDCC and !list type spam messages into the nospam addon.
-Fixed the random ad timers to run a little faster.
-Fixed the Messages Addon not always working on joins.
2.53 (01/19/03)
-Fixed two DCC chat windows sometimes opening for FireWall servers.
2.53 (01/08/03)
-Fixed "User not in channel" appearing on networks that had incorrectly set NETWORK tags.
-Fixed the KeepAlive addon to report which network it had been disconnected from.
2.53 (01/02/03)
-Added OGG Vorbis support into the WinAmp scanner.
2.53 (12/31/02)
-Fixed Queue Name Tracking not updating nicknames past the first queue.
-Added blocking of random [Away] messages and /ctcp myserver triggers to the No Spam Addon.
-Added Loaded option into the Addon Manager.
-Added Messages Addon. Basically the older News Addon with some major tweaks.
-Added Sends information to the @Find addon.
-Added support for half-ops into the Purdy Colors addon.
-Added the ability to track request ads into the File Server Tracker Addon.
-Added the option to add the network ID instead of the server name into #channel@server.
-Fixed a | in the request ad causing the ad to cut off on !request responses.
-Fixed clr_queues not working in Firewall Mode with nicknames containing "|".
-Fixed File Push sometimes inserting 65 question marks into filenames.
-Fixed files not queuing in Firewall Mode for nicknames containing "|".
-Fixed network tracking being lost after a queue pool move.
-Fixed network tracking not being set correctly after a resend.
-Fixed Priority Queuing to use hostmasks correctly.
-Fixed Send Bumping sometimes sending when the cps was higher then the bump rate.
-Fixed some fields not being reset correctly in the Mega Manager when viewing queues.
-Fixed standard triggers sometimes allowing access from the wrong channel.
-Fixed the @Find addon not responding correctly to half-ops.
-Fixed the @Find Addon to run faster.
-Fixed the ad generator underlining certain triggers incorrectly.
-Fixed the AutoVoice Addon not voicing multipool XDCC servers.
-Fixed the AutoVoice Addon voicing dead Invision servers (Triggers: )
-Fixed the File Server Tracker Addon not tracking ads with []'s in the triggers correctly.
-Fixed the Firewall Monitor Addon causing a buffer overflow lockup.
-Fixed the Log Reader addon to run faster.
-Fixed the Purdy Colors addon blocking highlights.
-Fixed the send tracking system (totally rewritten).
-Fixed the Trigger(X/X) type trigger ad displaying incorrectly when no colors were selected.
-Fixed the WinAmp Scanner Addon to run a little faster and display Shoutcast streams correctly.
-Fixed the WinAmp Scanner not reading PTM titles correctly. (Check the WinAmp forums for plugin.)
-Fixed XDCC Packs being deleted when nothing being entered as the description.
-Removed the News Addon, use the new(ish) Messages Addon.
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Additional SysReset Addons:
Name Download Link
Q-Script Loader Included with current SysReset version
Notice: The below files are totally seperate from SysReset, and are not by the author of SysReset.
Q-Script v3.0.4 | Q-Script v2.2.4 Beta
SysReset Web Update In current SysReset version or click here

Standard SysReset Addons:
Name Description
@Find Addon Enables the use of the @Find command. Only responds when server is in online mode. Specific Triggers can be excluded.
AutoVoicer2 This will autovoice anybody posting a fserv, XDCC, TDCC, or FTP ad in a channel where you are an op. Can also voice people based on !list responce.
Channel Encryption Encrypts channel and chat text on the fly. Type sentences beginning with a ' to disable encryption for that line when Encryption is enabled. Use F9 to toggle encryption for a channel or a chat. You must enter your master password on each load.
File Server Browser Graphical File Server Browser. Allows point and click access to File Servers. It is recommended you set DCC Chats to auto minimize (DCC Options button) when using this addon.
File Server Tracker Tracks File, TDCCs and FTP servers in a seperate window and can prevents ads from being displayed in the channel window.
FTP Ad Adds FTP Ad generation support so that you can display FTP server information. Has !list support and can be set to specific channels.
KeepAlive Keeps the program connected to the server. Handles unexpected disconnects.
Messages Addon Allows messages to be displayed in a channel in a message board like manner. Messages can be added by users if set. Ad works on a timer and/or channel join, with both being optional.
Polaris Dal.Net INI File Polaris DalNet Module for to add services not built into SysReset to menubar.
Purdy Channel Colors Changes the colors of users in the channel based on their status. Also will display TimeStamps in the channel if selected.
Simple Spam Blocker Originally by saiyan2 of AnimeINC, made more complex. Automatically removes 3 line log files (Start / Ident / Close) that are generated from blocked messages.
SysReset FireWall Monitor Allows you to monitor more then one port at a time for FireWalled Servers.
SysReset Log Reader Reads SysReset log files and displays their data in a list format.
SysReset Skins Browser Allows you to pick and choose already setup colorsets (ie: for black backgrounds) and images.
System Information Adds /nfo Command to Display System information in the current channel. /qnfo runs the command without showing the channel. Also adds right click command to menus. Other commands: /free /qfree.
Timed Server Events Addon Adds the ability to activate/deactivate the server, change queues, and stop sends on a timed schedule.
WinAmp Scanner WinAmp scanner. Adds WinAmp playing stats to a right click menu. No WinAmp plugins needed. Requires WinAmp 2, will not run with WinAmp 3 at this point in time.
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