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07/08/07: I'm not dead yet! 2.55 has been cleaned up and posted.
08/31/05: RDCC support has been added starting in version 2.54 Alpha 5. Check the #sysreset channel for the alpha. -->
04/09/05: There is a 2.54Alpha floating around, looks like there are still some tweaks needed in the resend code. Ask in #sysreset if you're interested in testing. Also, I've tweaked the page to allow easier updates to this and other sections. Should improve my update speeds a bit. Wink
09/28/04: Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. 2.55 is coming...
09/16/03: NDK: I'll be there again this year. Very Happy
09/02/03: mIRC 6.1 is good to go.
05/03/03: Updates are being made, don't worry. I just haven't been updating the news section. Still looking for donations people... I've gotten a grand total of 1 in the last three months...
12/22/02: AHHHH! The news section moved! 2.53 is out, more fixes then can fit on a screen at 800x600 resolution (Times New Roman, 11pt). Smile Anyway, see below for the full update list. And lets get some donations people... the number of donations since the LAST time the news section was updated is less then 2. :p I know you people are out there, I can see you hit the webserver.
09/22/02: If you've been wondering about the lack of activity over the past few days, I have one thing to say: NDK Rocked! Smile
08/15/02: 2.51. I have no other comments at this time. Lots of fixes though Wink
06/25/02: 2.50 is out! And, since this half way between 3.0 and 2.0, I thought I throw up some pictures from the old 2.0 so you can see how crappy it really was Wink
06/07/02: 2.49! Do not use mIRC 6.02, there are some problems with some bad changes that were made, and I'm not sure how I'm going to work around them yet. However, if you run no addons and don't use the FireWall mode server, don't worry about it. :p
05/18/02: 2.48! I think that was the longest time between versions I've ever had...
04/28/02: 2.47 out. While the number of updates from the last web-update are low, the overall total number of changes since the initial 2.46 is HUGE! ^_^
04/19/02: Updates to 2.46, remember, these appear on the web updater BEFORE they appear here.
04/14/02: Finally, after all this time, 2.46 is out. Wink
04/05/02: Some webupdates have been added into the web version of 2.45.
03/29/02: 2.45 out. I get fired in a week, look elsewhere for semi-witty comments.
03/10/02: 2.44 out. What happened to .23? I dunno Wink
03/03/02: Website brought up to the webupdates.
02/08/02: 2.42 out, sorry for the delay on the official pack for non-webupdate ppl.
02/05/02: mIRC 6.0 update file added. Basically the same as the website version, but renamed to overwrite the old mirc32.exe filename (all new mIRCs are mirc.exe, no 32).
02/02/02: Wow, funky date Wink Fixed some bugs in 2.41, also added a basic FAQ.
01/31/02: 2.41 Major ReSend changes and other nifty stuff. See below
01/27/02: 2.40 Yay! Back into the even numbers! Smile
01/23/02: Ah, remember when this many updates used to change the version number? Wink
01/20/02: Noticed that the years were wrong on all of these for '02 ^^; fixed it. 2.39 is out, some quick fixes, but the version change this time is primarily due to the number of updates from the web, so if you've never run the SysReset Updater, you've been missing out. Smile
01/11/02: Some minor updates. FTP Ad addon totally overhauled.
01/08/02: Well, I've finally updated the version number... sorry for the delays, I've been working. Btw, working retail sucks @_@
01/02/02: Some Web Fixes. I've added a donation button next to the download links, please click on it. ^_^
12/31/01: New layout! Thanks LegendaryJem!
12/09/01: 2.37. Some little fixes all around. Lots of slow code removed. ^_^
12/07/01: FYI: The updater will work with 2.12 or newer... if you've got 2.11a or lower, WHY!? Some web updates have taken place, check below for more detailed information.
12/04/01: I'd have to be CRAZY to put out this many updates at these low, low prices! 2.36 out! One super nifty new addon: SysReset Web Update (see below. This addon allows you to update the server on the fly, without downloading the patch file, or even restarting the server. Please note: a very few people have version 1.00 of this addon, you will need to upgrade to 1.01 manually if you have this version. 1.01 comes with both filepacks and is in the link below.
11/17/01: Added SysReset Graphic (thanks beerninja!) and a Message Board.
11/16/01: 2.35. There's so much new stuff you wouldn't believe it! ^_^
11/01/01: 2.31. Major internal code overhaul in the File Server Browser. Many other tiny fixes to other addons and the core code.
10/27/01: 2.30. 1 Addon fix, some minor core fixes. Added a check for files running from incorrect directories.
10/26/01: 2.29 out! Addon fixes, some new features.
10/21/01: 2.28 is out. Addon fixes, one semi-major bug fix.
10/21/01: Updated Winamp Scanner to 1.01. The Scanner can now handle mod, s3m, mtm, 669, it, xm, and midi. Bitrate is no longer reported for filetypes other then mp3.
10/20/01: 2.27 is out. Bug fixes all around. Some new addons to play with. ^_^
10/14/01: 2.26a is out. Fixed some ReSend problems.
10/14/01: 2.26 is out. Like I said, I'm fast. ^_^ Some visual changes, some minor bug fixes.
10/12/01: 2.25 is out. Some changes, 1 minor bug fix.
10/04/01: 2.24 is out. Mostly bug fixes.
10/02/01: Fixed some bugs in the File Server Browser addon. (Included with 2.24)
10/01/01: Am I fast or what? ^_^ 2.23 out!
09/29/01: Tiny bugs found.
09/28/01: 2.22 is out! XDCC Added!
09/20/01: 2.20a is out! Little changes, nothing major (see below).
09/15/01: It has come to my attention that some virus scanners are reporting moo.dll, used in SysReset for the system information addon, to contain a trojan. This is an error by the virus scanner and this dll does NOT contain any sort of virus. According to the manufacturers of the virus scanners in question, the moo.dll error should be fixed after the next virus definition update.
09/14/01: News Section Added. SysReset 2.20 has been released. For those wondering, the skip in version numbers from 2.16 to 2.20 is due to the large number of changes. I'm sure everyone by now has heard of the tragedy that has occured in New York, please consider donating money and or blood to the American Red Cross.

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